Villa Heil Belgium

Villa Heil Belgium. In this game you can’t really afford to let the mind wander into the world of ghosts and things that go bump in the night. At first this old house seemed nothing out of the norm, access was a challenge and apart from the dank, dusty smell of mould in the air, we set up our camera’s and were excited about the contents still very much left in tact.

The first strange thing I noticed was the piercing eyes of the sinister looking victorian picture sat above the fireplace, no matter where you stood in the room, the eyes seemed to follow you. As I walked from room to room the pictures never stopped staring, I mentioned it to a fellow explorer who also said he felt something was wrong here. I entered one of the bedrooms which had newspaper cuttings of people stuck to the walls, all looking quite sinister and mean. It got very cold in the room and as I went to take a shot one of the cutting peeled off the wall, on the back, you guessed it, another set of haunting eyes looming out at me.. The top floor smelled like death, to the point it was suffocating, I was happy to exit this place as fast as I could. Make of it what you will, I personally would be in no rush to return here, EVER!!



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