Tipner Shipwreck

Tipner Shipwreck. Like many of us driving out along the motorway from Portsmouth, the Tipner shipwreck has been an iconic landmark leaving the city. I have always wanted to get up close but logistically it’s not the easiest location to get to.

Although gaining access from the Pounds Scrap yard entrance is possible, the security have always forbidden access to anyone due to the obvious health and safety issues around the site and they have always been pretty active in reinforcing that restriction. Port Solent looked like another possible way in, however it seemed like a hell of a walk across the old rubbish dump to get to the wreck and in the end I decided to walk the motorway and take my chances coming down the banks of the bridge, following the path with a friend who had managed to gain access to it previously that way.

We had been hoping to try out some long exposures around the boat but found the tide was very low when we got down. We made a decision to see if we could actually get on board and maybe even inside the old wreck, after all how many people could say that have done that? With no real plan and almost sinking into the muddy sea bed at one point, we finally decided to try our luck walking along the slippery boulders heavy with wet seaweed that make up the shore line, before making a final dash across the sea bed and climbing up onto what’s left of the boat.

The internal section of the boat looked too hazardous to climb down into and with the wood being rotten there was no guarantee that if we did we would get out again, so we opted to play pirates and enjoy a couple of hours taking photos of the beautiful old wreck.

I have not been able to find out any history behind the boat! If anyone has any information I would love to know more…

Some mobile phone pictures of the antics of getting onboard:

35mm Film Shots: