Talgarth Asylum

Talgarth Asylum. The Mid Wales Hospital in Talgarth was originally called the Brecon and Radnor Joint Counties Lunatic Asylum and has a long history as a psychiatric hospital dating back to 1903. During the second world war it was used for military purposes up until 1947 when it was handed back for civilian use. It finally closed its doors in 2009 and has been left to decay ever since.

The site is massive and in the 5 hours I spent here I only covered a small fraction of the site, which due to its current state can prove very difficult to navigate. I took most of my shots on 35mm film, but couldn’t resist a few digital one’s of some of the more attractive parts, which are few and far between.

Security seems to have relaxed a little on this location which in the past have often been very unwelcoming to urban explorers. It’s ongoing decline is obvious and it now seems beyond any kind of state of repair. Left to simply crumble to the ground, signs of demolition, fire and theft can be found all over the site. It seems to face a similar fate as the other great Welsh asylum located at Denbeigh.

35mm Film Shots:

Digital Shots:



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