Severalls Mental Asylum

Severalls Mental Asylum. Severalls Hospital was a psychiatric hospital built in 1910 to the design of architect Frank Whitmore. It opened in May 1913. The 300-acre site once housed over 2000 patients. The hospital closed as a psychiatric hospital in the early 1990s following the closure of other psychiatric institutions. However, a small section remained open until 20 March 1997 for the treatment of elderly patients suffering from the effects of serious stroke. It has remained derelict since then.

Renowned for its security, the site is surrounded by a wall of 9ft palisade fencing which would leave many uninvited visitors unwilling to attempt access. If you can get past the fence, a cat and mouse game then begins with the on site security team, who are infamous for their tactics at catching camera wielding explorers.

We entered in the cover of darkness and headed for the main block, waiting for sunrise it was a matter of minutes before security had found us, with most of the team taken out on the first encounter. I managed to run down one of the side passages and made my getaway. This left me in a new predicament, alone in a decaying and some what spooky old asylum. None the less it was a long drive not to at least try my luck, so I spent the next couple of hours exploring this beautiful building alone. I eventually reached the morgue section, and caught a glimpse of a high vis jacket outside one of the broken windows. My options were to hide in one of the body fridges in the dark, or hand myself in. I lost my bottle and decided to go for the easy option. None the less is was a fantastic day in a location thats been on my list for some time now!



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