Portsdown Hill Naval Fuel Bunkers

Portsdown Hill Naval Fuel Bunkers. The Naval Fuel Bunkers that sit under Portsdown Hill in Portsmouth were built in the 1930’s and designed to be bomb proof. With 35 foot high concrete ceilings and over 2 miles of underground tunnels making up the massive site, its obvious to see why this would be of interest to us Urban Explorers.

I paid a visit to the Portsdown Hill Naval Fuel Bunkers in 2011, despite however managing to get past the perimeter fence I found the site alarmed, with lights still powered on and strange humming noises coming from deep inside. I bailed on trying to gain access and did some further digging. Even though the war was long over and claims from the military that the site was no longer in use, many local residents talked of the strange noises that came from under the hill and seeing people still come and go from the many access points to the fuel bunkers. We will never know what took place still here, but one thing was for sure, it was far from “out of use”.

Recently something changed, I got a tip of from local residents that the K tunnel door on the Portsdown Hill Naval Fuel Bunkers was wide open. I set of late one night with a small team of friends and we found the alarm had been triggered but it seemed no one was coming. We ventured in and found some of the lighting was still on. The main pumping station it self was flooded and I was unable to gain access to it or anything beyond. I returned again after hearing that somehow the water was gone and managed to get into the B tunnel behind the pumping station and tick off the remaining parts of this historic location.

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