Midwife Manor

Midwife Manor. When we heard that the latest season of filming had come to an end for the popular TV series  “Call the Midwife” we took an interest, after all it wasn’t that long ago we had gained access to St Josephs Seminary in Mill Hill, London, shortly after a series of the show had been filmed at the location.

I received a phone call that weekend from “The Bish”, excited about a possible new location in our area, which these day’s, is pretty rare. Ironically it was in an area where I had first met trevbish, who has since become one of my longest exploring friends. Back then we had no idea that the manor house sat along side the Longcross test track, which we had spent an hour or so walking along the first time we had met offline many years ago.

We didn’t really know what to expect at Barrow Hills. We knew filming had only ended a few weeks previous to the visit and that most of Longcross was still very much a live and active studio. Access proved ridiculously easy and to our surprise much of the original set was yet to be cleared. We eventually stumbled across some of the original costumes used for the TV series, and well, it would of been rude not to at least try them on right?

It hasn’t taken long for word to spread about the location, photo’s I have seen just weeks after our visit show that a great deal more of the set has been cleared. I’m grateful I got to be part of finding this location and seeing what I did that day, for I fear this place will be quickly cleared to make what for whatever production is to be filmed here next.

35mm Film Shots



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