Manoir Des Statues

Manoir Des Statues. This impressive little house sits out in what may possibly be one of the most beautiful parts of Belgium I have ever visited. The surrounding area is full of breathtaking views,¬†stunning¬†architecture and the house itself doesn’t fall short of beauty either!

A busy spot on the tourist route for urban explorers! I literally found myself having to wait in line to get the shots I wanted. It was a chance to relax after what had proven to be a somewhat difficult and stressful morning for my group and a chance meet up with some fellow UK urbexer’s who were also in that area of Belgium. A highlight for what turned out to be a trip fraught with problems for my group this time round, I guess sooner or later our luck had to run out.

This short video was filmed by fellow team member Robbie Khan. It really captures the mood of our adventures around Europe and seemed like a nice addition to this page. Make sure you check out Robbie’s work on his website linked here.




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