HFB Belgium

HFB Belgium. Liege was once a major cog in the European Industrial machine. In 2008 that all changed. With it now being cheaper to import steel into Belgium rather than make it on home soil, many of the countries industrial locations begun to shut down.

A short drive around one of Belgium’s major cities and it’s not hard to identify whats in use and what’s not. With huge rusty pipes rising high into the city skyline, you could argue that us Urbex types are spoilt for industrial choice here. Gaining access however is no simple task! With on site security and dog patrols to contend with, we set off early and made several visits to the blast furnace site known as HFB over a 2 week period.

This place is massive and these pictures don’t really do the size of this place justice. A true monster of location, dirty, rusty and slowing being reclaimed by nature, one I’m glad to have seen!

35mm Film Shots



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  1. Great pictures, i see you guys were there really early, nowa days it’s a mess…

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