Haslar Hospital Gosport Hampshire

Haslar Hospital Gosport Hampshire. The Royal Military Hospital Haslar closed it doors in 2009. An Urban Explorers mecca, and it’s easy to see why! Filled top to bottom with millions of pounds of NHS equipment, everything from X-ray machines to MRI scanners have been left to┬árot and decay in this old hospital. With so much to hide, it’s no wonder that Haslar Hospital Gosport Hampshire is often referred to as the impenetrable fortress. Rumours have been rife for years of unfortunate souls who have tried to gain access to the site, only to be nabbed by security and handed over to local police to spend a day in the Gosport cells.

I myself have tried a number of times to gain access to Haslar Hospital Gosport Hampshire with little luck, apart from a brief visit in the summer (when luck was also on my side), I have never made it past the perimeter fence due to the sneaky security that patrol it. I set of early this morning with the thinking that being New Years day, security would probably be more relaxed than usual. With the weather on my side, under the cover of darkness and a massive storm, I managed to finally gain access to the main building where I was lucky enough to spend over 6 hours inside undetected. I might one day again try my luck with this huge location as spending half a day in here only touched on some of the hidden treasures locked away inside. For now though, I’ll be grateful for my run of luck at the location and count my blessings! Haslar Hospital Gosport Hampshire, I tip my hat to you…

** UPDATE ** Haslar Hospital Gosport Hampshire has now been listed for demolition and renovation. Since this work has been announced security at Haslar Hospital Gosport Hampshire has become more relaxed, I have since made a number of revisits to the site and various pictures have been added to this gallery.

Photos taken of Haslar Hospital Gosport Hampshire on 35mm Film

Return to Haslar Hospital Gosport Hampshire 2015

After an eventful night and what was a slightly over the top police response to two people chasing the milky way over an old limestone quarry out in West Sussex, I headed off to the infamous Haslar Hospital Gosport Hampshire after recently seeing the morgue had been done again. Something I have been trying to gain access to since first visiting the site almost 4 years ago. Positioned next to the security hut, with CCTV surrounding it and being sealed tight since the site itself originally closed, its always managed to elude me.

After a while spent hiding in a bush waiting for a security patrol, I lost my patience and made a dash for the morgue, which ended up as an epic disaster and quickly being caught. I gave up, went home, got a few hours sleep and returned later in the day. After some nifty dashes around the site in the baking sun and some “code” breaking, I was finally inside. Was it worth all the effort? Hell yeah of course it was. Almost completing my Haslar Hospital Gosport Hampshire to do list.




  1. Rick

    hi there, have you been there recently? do you know if it is still possible to get inside and if anything is still there? I really want to get in there with my camera.


  2. Yeah it’s still all inside man. Security is just as busy though

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