Fort Gilkicker Gosport Hampshire

Fort Gilkicker Gosport Hampshire, once a major part of the Victorian coastal defences,Fort Gilkicker Gosport Hampshirer is a historic Palmerston fort built at the eastern end of Stokes Bay, Gosport, Hampshire. Once notoriously guarded, it has been on the urban exploring menu for quite some time.

In 2010 planning permission was granted for the fort to be developed into housing. Those plans seem to have been fraught with problems which has seriously delayed any work starting. This of course has meant that the fort now stands unguarded and readily accessible for anyone willing to try and get into it.

Despite the Kestrel Security signs littered around the fence lines, I didn’t encounter any security on the sunny day I visited in March 2015. A site that was once renowned for its aggressive attitude towards urban explorers has now become one of the most relaxed locations to explore in Hampshire.  The decay has really taken a hold now at Fort Gilkicker! Apart from the pigeon population constantly getting in my way, it was a fantastic place to photograph and worthy of a visit from anyone with either an interest in historic forts or urban exploration!

Fort Gilkicker Gosport Hampshire 35mm Film Shots




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