Ford Plant Southampton

Ford Plant Southampton. The Ford plant in Southampton closed in 2013 along with a number of other Ford plants when UK production ceased of the iconic Ford Transit Van. We had our eyes on the site since we caught wind of its closure, but from what we could obtain about the location it was still in the process of shut down and was still partly being used. It seemed a risky gamble to take.

A few months ago we caught wind that another group had gained access to the plant and decided to take a shot at it ourselves. We clocked what parts looked live after climbing the perimeter fences from the workers stood around various buildings and made a quick decision to make a run at the clearly disused main section.

After several hours inside we stumbled across a section filled with vending machines. It would have been rude not to grab a drink and a choccy bar right? As we took selfies on our phones and joking about what we would do if security actually caught us at that very moment, a guard with a hi vis walked past and said “hello”. We stood for several minutes, slightly confused before deciding to just carry on.

We left the main building to be met with the screech of a van and a number of security guards. We got escorted to the main gate to explain ourselves to the head of security. Luck was on our side, although slightly confused as to why anyone would want to photograph the plant, he was in good spirits and let us all leave via the main gate. It turned out that the security guard who had seen us by the vending machines assumed we had been working on the site that day and it wasn’t until he checked to see who should of been on site a little later that they realised we did not have permission to be there. The day turned out to be a fairly easy infiltration of a fantastic industrial complex.




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