Chateau Gramophone

Chateau Gramophone. This wonderful old record player gave name to the location Chateau Gramophone. The house once owned by the mayor of the village sits out the Belgium countryside. The gramophone was once the favourite toy of a small boy who’s father inherited the house and was one of the items he most treasured as a child. He was shocked to find out it had been photographed by so many and had given name to what was to him simply his granddad’s house, who had sadly passed away the summer before.

Sadly his love for the building was not quite as we felt it should be as urbexer’s and we thought we had first encountered thieves in the building as we found him literally ripping chandeliers from the rooms taking out large parts of ceiling with them. He had found a local pub that was interested in purchasing them and it seemed like a good idea. The rest of the house was to be cleared and the contents sold on.

I was grateful for the history to be given and for him to be willing to allow me to take pictures. I always find myself questioning what gives me the right to enter a place like this, one which is clearly far from derelict, and someones Granddad’s home, how would I feel if my Granddad died to find people had been entering an posting pictures online? Either way, it was nice to have a guided tour of this beautiful building!



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  1. Hello, your pictures are so beautiful! I ´m very interested by this for a French film shooting . Could you give me some clues to find it? Thank you! Isabelle Lits- Isabelle@

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