Abandoned Belgium Urban Exploration Urbex UE

Abandoned Belgium Urban Exploration Urbex UE is an urban explorers mecca. The country is literally littered with abandoned sites and everything from houses to industrial compounds are on the menu, for anyone willing to try and gain access to them.

I first started exploring Abandoned Belgium Urban Exploration Urbex UE locations in 2011. Since then I have made countless visits and find something new to explore and photograph every time. It is safe to say that Belgium has really got under my skin. I love the place, not just for the urban exploration (urbex), but also for it’s culture, friendly people, great food and fantastic passion for white beers. It has become like a second home to me and I often count down the days until I can next return to sample it’s many abandoned delights.

Abandoned Belgium Urban Exploration Urbex UE Photos


People often can’t believe what they see in the photos I take on Belgium’s many abandoned houses. Many appear to stand still in time, and people often think the photo’s have been faked or staged, they have not! Belgium law differs from our own, when someone passes away, a time period of up to 15 years is given for a family member or relative to claim the house, after that period the local council can take ownership. Often these places are simply closed up and left exactly how the previous owner lived inside them, allowing someone like myself a chance to really capture the past on camera.



The last 20 years has seen a great number of industrial sites close across Abandoned Belgium Urban Exploration Urbex UE due to the end of the production of the countries main export, steel, as well as the end of the coal based power stations that once powered the country. Belgium is literally littered with gigantic industrial sites that have been left to rust. These heavily secured sites have become a challenge most urban explorers have taken on and a playground for those with a healthy addiction to adrenaline and a fearless attitude.


Abandoned Belgium Urban Exploration Urbex UE history is one of kings and queens long since fallen. A strong sense of history and religion still remains throughout the country today and the Belgium’s architecture consists of many beautiful castles and churches, some of which have long since become abandoned.

What you have seen here on this page is a tiny fraction of the delights Abandoned Belgium Urban Exploration Urbex UE has to offer. Please feel free to explore the rest of my website if you have enjoyed this page.




  1. Just discovered your work today! These photographs are fantastic . I love Belgium but I never knew anything like this existed . Your images are really really interesting. Absolutely love it!

  2. Wesley Brown

    Thank you Joanna, Im glad you have enjoyed them 🙂

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