Royal York Hotel

Royal York Hotel. The Royal York Hotel is a fine Art Deco style building completed in 1935 , replacing the original Victorian hotel of the same name. It finally closed it’s doors in 2006. Access to the hotel proved quite difficult, but after a little effort and some death defying stunts we managed to gain access. Most of the rooms had been stripped bare but it was worth it just to get the epic staircase shot.

The staircase proved quite a tricky shot to get! The roof was leaking and it was raining hard outside, a large bucket of water positioned in the middle of the floor, right where my tripod needed to be that was to heavy to move looked like a bit of a camera hazard, but I managed to find a sheet of glass to cover it. The lack of light meant that the exposure had to be long, however the leaking roof was constantly covering the lens in water droplets. A bit of perseverance with my dust cloth and a number of shots and I finally got the image I was looking for.



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