Finsbury Park Reservoir

Finsbury Park Reservoir. We set off early one morning after being passed access to this gigantic reservoir system that sits under Finsbury Park in the city of London. With the access point in a busy part of the city the cover of darkness was essential. We made our entrance and were instantly amazed at the size of this place. Built in 1903 by the Victorians, it has recently been closed off by Thames Water due to a crack in the roof, which for us was a chance to get inside to take a look. London currently holds a number of Victorian reservoirs and I can see myself returning soon for some more underground action. They simply just don’t build them like this anymore!




  1. Dan offord

    You get around wez, I know of some old locked up M.O.D bunkers that you would love, and kings cross sewers underground full of rats!!!. I done some work for skanska as a sub contractor fixing puddle pumps in the underground world of London. Pretty amazing when your going 5-7 floors below ground level escorted by armed guards as the location is some top secret shit. Lol

  2. Wesley Brown

    Yeah London is full on underground treasures Dan

  3. Great shots – built in the 1860s though… 😉

  4. Wesley Brown

    Oh was it? Sure I got that off google 🙂 Thanks Adam

  5. Azamat

    As you had an access to the space did you manage to find where the crack exactly was identified? as I found no information about that online…
    By the way photographs are great!

  6. Wesley Brown

    The crack was on the back left wall

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